What Weight Gain & Weight Loss Have in Common

People commonly look to fasting, exercising, dieting and taking weight related supplements when faced with persistent weight loss or gain. It would seem that these two problems are different and don’t have much in common – that is, gaining weight vs. loosing weight. However, HORMONES are what they both have in common! Yes, hormones. Estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, adrenal/stress hormones, thyroid hormones, & more can all play a significant role in weight gain and weight loss.

Many people beat themselves up for years, decades even, about their weight gain/loss issues – further compounded by the crazy and unhealthy diet culture we live in. Often, the hidden cause of both of these issues, when resolved, helps people achieve their goals not just with their weight but with their total health. At Whole Brain Whole Body, I have developed strategies for addressing these issues, including the best testing options and healing protocols available tailored to your needs. There is really no one hormonal healing strategy that will work for everyone. It’s important to look for correlation in labs and work toward individualized solutions rather than staying caught in a cycle of trial, error & frustration without really getting to the root cause AND using one size fits all approaches that simply don’t work for everyone.

More on the hidden causes of weight gain & loss next!