Top 6 Issues

Some of these are obvious issues, some are less so. Here are the top 6 easily resolvable issues I see in my health coaching practice daily. Each person has unique needs when it comes to resolving these issues, but what’s consistent is that these issues are preventing them from meeting their goals.

1. Imbalanced macronutrients (carbs: proteins: fats)
Each person has a unique metabolic type, and most people don’t know what they’re metabolic type is and are following trends like paleo, keto, vegan, Whole 30 or other diets that may not be right for them and can really throw off the ratio of macronutrients they need to thrive. This is so important for not only feeling full and having stable blood sugar, but it’s also crucial for getting adequate nutrition as our body converts macronutrients to micronutrients  – something we critically need to thrive, and if the balance of one is off – the balance of the other will be off too.

2. “Hidden” sugar and carbs
Legumes, beans, grains, vegetables, etc. are all carbs – it’s often assumed that only grains/breads are carbs. Fruits, even though natural, can be very high in sugar and are often eaten too liberally.

3. Inadequate fiber
Adequate fiber, particularly pre-biotic fiber is important for cardiovascular health, blood sugar balance, digestion & microbial balance.

4. Dehydration/Inadequate water intake.
While 8 cups a day isn’t exactly the measurement we should all follow, an amount that’s closer to 1 ounce of water per pound you weigh is usually more accurate – within reason. It’s something to gauge and sense for yourself, knowing how proper hydration or lack thereof manifests for you and changing your habits accordingly.

5. Lack of alkaline water.
Good quality water is hard to find on tap in many parts of the world still, including many parts of the U.S. This can cause a lot of issues ranging from less to more severe. Many focus their efforts on filtered water, yet most don’t know the benefits of alkaline water which are equally important. Finding ways to get more alkaline water into your routine can be important, although everyone’s needs are unique in terms of what type of water they may need. It’s hard enough to find the right filtration system, so when you’re looking for options, check to see if changing the alkalinity in your water through the filter system is possible!

6. Compromised micronutrition
^While it’s true that we derive our micronutrients from macronutrients we eat (mentioned above), much of our food & water system are lacking in minerals and nutrients our bodies need. In other words, even if you are eating organic, your food is lacking in vital minerals and nutrients. Most of us need some form of mineral supplementation for energy production, digestion, absorption and overall wellbeing. Some people take too many supplements or the wrong combinations for them, others don’t take any or not enough. There is no magic pill or one supplement that will work for everyone, you can browse the items in our store to see some options and stay tuned for further blog posts to learn about some of the key minerals and nutrients.