Client Diaries: Holistic Lactation Services
June 15, 2020

Many people ask me what Holistic Lactation Services are. It should go without saying that breastfeeding issues are health issues. Breastfeeding is a vital sign for both mother and baby’s health. How the two are breastfeeding together can signal possible health issues.

As clients started coming to me with supply issues, latch problems or other feeding issues, it became clear that there was a gap in their care. While there were plenty of lactation specialists they could see, and there were doctors they could see about their other health issues, there were fewer options where they could get whole body/whole systems care alongside lactation  care. So, I started offering Holistic Lactation Consultations so I could better address underlying health issues to common breastfeeding problems such as baby’s gassiness, latch issues, low supply, etc.

The breasts/chest are connected to the whole body, so any issues that might be going on in other bodily systems can impact breastfeeding and vice versa. I’m not only referring to serious infections like mastitis. I’m also referring to any recurrent infection, plugged ducts, thrush, hypoglycemia while breastfeeding, nutritional deficiencies, body image/sexuality issues, and other health issues getting in the way of total vitality.

I work with clients to help them achieve their functional breastfeeding outcomes by getting to the root cause of issues and addressing them. In addition, because breastfeeding is connected to your child’s development later on in life from emotional regulation to neurodevelopment, breathing, digestion & other functions, breastfeeding issues when worked with holistically can lead to the building of lifelong health foundations.

The holistic lactation services I provide help address the whole health of the mother and child. Breastfeeding holds the potential for generational healing & optimizing human potential from the beginning of life. Building foundations of wellness during this crucial time period lasts a lifetime.

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