Our Commitment to Anti-Racism
June 15, 2020

I started Whole Brain Whole Body because I firmly believe that greater access to alternative care is necessary and possible. Moreover, at the heart of anti-racism is anti-oppression in all it’s forms given the many ways dehumanization operates in our society and particularly in medical and healing spaces. Therefore, I remain continually committed to anti-racism and the Black community in all of my efforts – particularly in the following ways:

  • Offering free services at our Infant Health Clinic to qualifying individuals
  • Offering accessible holistic health programs and consults, including functional nutrition & energy healing
  • Supporting, promoting & partnering with Black healers & holistic health practitioners and Black owned businesses in the wellness space
  • Creating space for apprenticeship in our practice for any Black healers or professionals who want to learn experientially
  • Asking our non-Black colleagues in the holistic health space to join us in offering ongoing free or low cost services to black people. Then, sharing their offerings more widely so it can reach those who want & need it.
  • Challenging discrimination, supremacy, cultural appropriation & other racist power dynamics in health & healing spaces through advocacy and education to hold people accountable. Being anti-racist means maintaining perspective about the intersectional nature of oppression.

As a NBIPOC who has benefited from white privilege, I remain steadfast and unwavering in undoing the effects of racism personally & professionally. That includes the many ways I have consciously or unconsciously internalized colorism and the dehumanization of Black people – and making the change from the inside out.