Billing & Scheduling Policy

As there are many clients in need of assistance at this time, we have policies & procedures in place to ensure that all clients are well serviced. The following applies to Lactation Network approved Clients only:

For BCBS, Anthem, Cigna, VA, Aetna or other Lactation Network approved Clients, the following fees may be due at the time of the service and are not eligible for insurance reimbursement or billing: product purchases, supply fees, late cancellation fees, travel and convenience fees, rental fees, subscription fees, parking fees or any additional session costs disclosed at the time of booking. Acceptable methods of payment include the following: credit cards, HSA/FSA/HRA cards, Venmo, Zelle, and cash. Payments via PayPal and check are not accepted. Note that HSA/FSA/HRA eligible fees are not guaranteed to be approved by your plan in all cases as it depends on the terms of your agreement with your plan. In some cases, you may submit for reimbursement to your HSA/FSA/HRA plan with a receipt provided should a charge not be processed by our payment processing system.

  • Home visits fees may include:
    • Travel & convenience fees may apply as follows:
      • $100 New York City – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens & Bronx
      • If there is no parking available within a 1 block radius,  a parking garage reimbursement fee may apply.​
    • Supply fees:
      • Sterile flange kits cost $15 for use during flange fittings only – this fee does not include any flanges or pump parts the Client can keep for their continued use.
      • Any other supplies the client needs that such as nipple card products, bottle parts etc will be billed to the Client at the reimbursed or retail cost for their continued use.
  • Virtual fees may include:
    • A $50 supply fee applies to a flange fitting kit which includes all applicable sizes and adapter parts if requested.  This fee includes both shipping and return shipping charges.  This is kit is on loan to the Client for up to 2 weeks for use during the fitting and adjustment process. No part of the kit can be kept for continued use after the 2 week period without written authorization. Additional fees pertaining to the flange kit may occur in the following instances:
      • A $50 replacement fee may apply should the package not be returned for any reason. Clients are encouraged to keep the receipt of package drop off in the event they need to present it so that they will not be charged this replacement fee.
      • A $10 replacement fee may apply per part if a part is not returned or arrives damaged.
      • An additional shipping charge if a missing part is not returned that the Client would like to send back. Cost is based on location and weight.
      • An additional deep cleaning fee may apply if parts are received unclean beyond usual wear and tear.
  • In addition, any items that are the property of the Practitioner and are damaged by the Client during the course of Services rendered will be charged to the Client for replacement and/or repair fees. These include but are not limited to the infant scale, flanges, pumps, etc.

Credit Card Information:  

Credit card information on file is required for booking services, regardless of payment method preferred and insurance coverage. Credit card information is securely filed in an encrypted online system compliant with HIPAA, PIPEDA, PHIPA and GDPR regulations. Clients will NOT be charged any fees without notice. Keeping a credit card on file does not constitute payment. Client credit card information will remain on file for future agreed upon transactions so long as they are clients.

No refunds – partial or full – will be provided for services rendered and products purchased. Packages which have not been used at all may be refunded with the exception of a 10% non-refundable booking charge. Requests for package refunds for packages which have been partially used will be considered on a case by case basis at the discretion of the practitioner and are subject to the same 10% non-refundable booking charge as well as costs associated with services or already rendered as part of the package.

Confirmation –
All scheduling requests will be honored unless the health intake form is not received within 24 hours of the session start time. In that case, the session may be switched to a virtual visit.

For in home visits, the Client understands that due to traffic and weather conditions and the necessities of day-to-day client management that the Practitioner may need to adjust the start time of a session. If this occurs, the Practitioner will be in touch as soon as possible to notify the Client and will extend the session time to the equivalent time the Practitioner was tardy.

Rescheduling & cancellation –
Requests to reschedule or cancel must be received via email or phone at 646-535-6833. If a session is canceled or rescheduled by the Client with less than 24-hour notice then Client shall pay a $75.00 late cancellation.

Lateness & no shows –
For all appointments, there is a grace period of 15-minutes for late arrival after which the client will be marked a no-show and charged the $75.00 late cancellation fee. No shows can reschedule.

Repeated cancellations-
Consecutive cancellation of 3 or more sessions in a row will lead to a release from care unless under extenuating circumstances.

For any Service, if the full time booked is not utilized on the scheduled date, the Service is non-transferrable and the time may not be rolled over to a future date/time.

This Billing & Scheduling Policy is subject to change at any time without notice including but not limited to costs and associated terms of Services.

For all pertinent details, see your Service Agreement.