Instructions for Telehealth Sessions via Doxy

I use Doxy for telehealth sessions. To participate, check that you have a laptop, mobile phone or tablet that connects to a stable wifi connection that is equipped with a microphone, camera and speakers/headphones. 

Telehealth Tips:

  • See info below about Zoom and how to join
  • Positioning & Lighting: Keep in mind for telehealth it’s helpful to have good light in the room (usually with the light coming toward you rather than behind you), with a table or chair nearby that you can put your screen on in front of you so I can see you well. I recommend joining by computer or laptop although you may use your cell phone.
  • Photos & Videos: Please note that you may need to take photos or videos during the session to send them to me in real time, so keep your cell phone or other device handy!
  • Equipment: Please have any equipment you’ll need for the session available nearby.
  • Visitors: Anyone in your home is welcome to be part of the visit whether by listening or taking notes even if they are not pictured on the screen. Please announce who is there, and they’ll need to state their full name at the start of the session. Note that no recordings of the session are permitted without permission.

Here’s how you can join via Doxy:

  • You will receive an email with a link sent from Acuity Scheduling – it will look like this:


  • Check your spam or “promotions” folder if it’s not in your inbox or email if you do not find it at all.
  • **If you’ve never used Doxy before, here are a few details to know in advance:
    • No software is needed to download to use Doxy but you will need to enable microphone/audio and video access on your browser (google chrome, firefox, safari, etc)
    • You’ll be automatically added to my virtual waiting room and I will be notified that you are there to join you
    • Doxy is HIPAA secure
    • If you are having difficulty, check your audio/video settings within your browser and your wifi connection

Further Information About Zoom: