Frequently Asked Questions

We accept HSA/FSA/HRA cards for qualifying products in our shop and the following services: pre and postnatal lactation and infant feeding services and educational classes. Supplements can be purchased with your HSA/FSA/HRA from any of our dispensaries online.

We are able to accept most Cigna PPO, Anthem PPO and and Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plans for lactation and infant feeding services only. All other services are considered out of network with insurance.

For those seeking lactation and infant feeding services who do not have one of these plans, you would be considered self pay and will be provided with a detailed invoice that is called a superbill to submit to your insurance for your direct reimbursement.  Here’s some information about the process:

  • Under the Affordable Care Act, lactation and infant feeding services should be covered in or out of network (see below Insurance Exception details below when they are not), information about benefits can be found  here and here.
  • Usually for self pay/out of network session, 60-70% is reimbursed back to you. We will provide you a superbill for your visit which you’ll be able to submit for reimbursement by following the instructions your insurance provides to you (usually on the back of your card or on their website). NOTE: We cannot guarantee that you will be reimbursed as insurance reimbursement depends on your plan, your deductible, and the contracted reimbursement rate. If you are concerned about reimbursement, please call your insurance provider for more information with the following details:
    Provider: Nina Chanpreet Kaur
    Provider Credentials: IBCLC
    NPI# 1619586658
    EIN# 83-3929554
    Phone: 646-535-6833
    Fax: 646-916-1699
    CPT Code: S9443*
    Diagnosis Code: Z39.1
    *We encourage you to contact us to confirm the CPT code as there may be variations depending on your particular circumstance.
  • Gap Exception: In the instance when lactation services are NOT covered by anyone IN your insurance network in the area in which you live, you can apply for what’s called a gap exception which basically means that in the absence of in network providers you would request a special agreement with your insurance and myself in which they would agree to cover or reimburse the visit given the special circumstances. In this case, you can call your insurance company and provide them with the same provider information as detailed above.

Note: Any time you call your insurance company, make sure to obtain a reference number and note that down as well as the name of the representative you spoke to.

Our team would love to hear from you. Please use the website inquiry form to contact our team and we will get back to you. Tell us a little bit about yourself, what you’re seeking and where you’re located. For ethical reasons, we are unable to answer any of your clinical questions until you have established care with us.