Here's how you can prepare for your upcoming home visit:

How to time the visit:
• Keep in mind your appointment start time is an estimated start time, consider that the actual start time may be ~15 after your actual appointment time to allow time for arrival & set up.
I will do my best to arrive on time & notify you if anything changes, however, I may be running a little behind or ahead of schedule depending on client needs, traffic conditions, etc. I will do my best to text you with an updated ETA, but I may not always be able to do so while driving.

• It’s ideal if the visit is timed well with feeding. Generally speaking, a hungry but not starving baby is the best scenario i.e. baby is ready to eat within 30 minutes of arrival. Often, timing naps so that the baby is ready to wake up around the time I arrive can work well.
This allows for time for the above as well as a bit of time to discuss what I learned from your intake, complete the breast assessment, and take a look at the general anatomy and oral function of your baby while your little one is content. Don’t stress if the timing doesn’t work out, I can work with whatever is going on. If your baby does get hungry, feel free to give a short/small feeding (less 5-10 mins, or less than .5-1oz) before l arrive.

Please have a clean swaddle blanket ready that we can put on my scale underneath the baby when we check their weight.
I will weigh your baby on a scale sensitive to 2g with a dry diaper on before we work on feeding. I’ll need a flat surface for me to place the scale. This can be a cleared an area on the floor or a large table that’s stable where the scale can sit flat. I will weigh the baby before and after the feeding that will take place during the session.

Plan to work with me in the area where you most-frequently feed if possible. Please have a chair available for me to sit on. Extra paper towels are appreciated as I will be hand washing often.
This is optimal so that I can help you navigate this area to find the greatest comfort, though my main goal is to help you eventually gain the ability to feed your baby wherever you may be. Have any equipment you are using (feeding pillows, pumps, bottles, diapers, wipes, etc.) near where we will work for ease of access and to ensure we are optimizing our visit time.

A Wifi connection in your home can be helpful if you have one.
If possible, please provide me with password so I can have high speed access to any resources you may need.

Prior to my arrival, please have all animals (cats, dogs, etc.) placed in a separate enclosed space or room.
Pets can be unpredictable after a new baby arrives, especially towards strangers & I have pet allergies. Whereas they may be friendly or hypoallergenic, minimizing the distractions and any incidents such as the chance of a desire to protect you or the new baby is important.  I appreciate your understanding ahead of time.

Masks must be worn by all participants in the consultation.
For more information about how we are keeping our client community safe, read more about our COVID-19 policies here.

It may be helpful if you ask someone to take some notes during the consult.
As a reminder, no videos, photos or recordings of me are permitted during the session.

Please have your insurance card, ID & credit card available at the time of the visit.

And finally, please do not feel like you need to have a spotless home! I am not judging you or your household – I understand how demanding life with an infant can be!