Illness Policy

For everyone’s safety, please review the following considerations regarding illness or symptoms of illness.

Prior to an in-person session in home or in office we ask that clients affirm that they:

  • Have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19 (at least two weeks from the last date of the second vaccination dose or after the first vaccination dose of Johnson & Johnson)

  • Have no symptoms (fever, sore throat, cough, chills, body aches, shortness of breath, loss of smell/test)

  • Have not tested positive for COVID-10 in the past 10 days or suspects they have it.

  • Have not had close contact with someone who has tested positive or assumed to have COVID-19 in the past 10 days

During an in-person visit, here’s what you can expect:

  • We will check in to confirm that you are not symptomatic for any reason before continuing with the visit as planned.

  • We wear scrubs or clothing that protects from the exchange of bodily fluids.

  • We will wash hands before we start, and additional times if needed. We will also use hand sanitizer frequently throughout our visit.

  • We will wear gloves when doing an oral exam on your baby, doing any palpation or cervical auscultation, handling human milk or stored human milk containers or doing a breast/chest exam on you as a parent.

  • We will wear an N95 or KN95 mask at all times and ask all present in the consult wear a properly fitted mask at all times as well.

  • Additional visitors other than 2 adults and 1 child are discouraged from attending visits

  • We will maintain social distancing as much as possible for the entire visit, and will ask your permission to be closer to you or your baby and this includes holding your baby.

  • All hard surfaces that are touched frequently i.e. scale, ipad, phone will be sanitized between visits. For office visits, the HEPA filter will run for a minimum of 30 minutes between client visits.

After an in-person visit, clients who show symptoms for any illness are asked to notify us immediately so that we can protect others in our households as well as other clients. We will do the same.

Myself as well as my team members are:

  • Fully vaccinated and boosted against the COVID-19 virus.

  • Not seeing clients in person if we have a fever, any new symptoms such as a cough, sore throat or exposure to someone with COVID-19 or other communicable illnesses or if we have tested positive for COVID-19.

  • Taking utmost care to avoid spreading COVID-19 and other illnesses including regular hand washing, wearing a mask, gloves and sanitizing all items with anti-virucidal agents and UV-C.

  • Undergoing regular PCR testing and most members of our households are routinely tested as well. You may request proof of negative test results at any time. You may also request a negative rapid test the day of your visit if you would like.

We will be in touch if our status changes and may affect any clients prior to any in person visit.

We ask that clients please be in touch if:

  • They are unsure of their testing, vaccination or illness status, or awaiting testing results, so we can determine best and most timely way we can service you.

  • If they need to cancel or reschedule a visit due to illness.

By consenting to services, clients agree to and understand the illness policy.

Last Updated June 16, 2022