Medihoney Gel, Wound & Burn Dressing, Leptospermum Honey 0.5oz On Sale ($5.99-$6.99)


MediHoney®, with Active Leptospermum Honey, (ALH) is the global leading medical-grade honey-based product line and it is safe for breastfeeding. Help heal your nipples faster when they are sore, cracked or bleeding. Medihoney gel protects the nipple areolar complex once damage has occurred. We offer the best available price you can find on the market. This is a sterile medical product that contains no additives, bacteria or spores.

Product Instructions: Medihoney is best used along with appropriate wound care under the care of a lactation or medical provider to address the causes of nipple damage & for prevention. Apply a small amount to the affected area gently. Prior to nursing, use a cotton round or muslin cloth soaked with warm water to gently remove any residue remaining on the surface of the skin if needed.

Note that this is medihoney gel not medihoney paste. The paste is runnier whereas the gel binds to the skin better, stays on longer and is more appropriate for dry wounds. 

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