Milkies Milk to Solid Food Storage Trays (Multi-Purpose, 2ea)

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Milkies Milk Trays – a milk and baby food freezing system:

  • Freezes as 1-ounce “Milk Sticks” that fit into all bottle sizes and openings, allowing you to thaw just the right amount of milk for each feeding so that not a drop of your “liquid gold” goes to waste.
  • Repurpose for solid food storage
  • Does not contain bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, or dyes
  • New version with tighter fitting lids

Unlike ice cube trays, Milk Trays are specifically designed for expressed milk with a total of 16 semi-cylinder cavities holding 1 oz. each. Milk Trays have fitted lids that protect your milk while it freezes and allow for space-saving stacking in the freezer, and the trays are flexible enough to allow the Milk Sticks to be removed easily. And, last but not least, Milk Trays are reusable – making them the most economical and environmentally-friendly choice for freezing your breast milk. Each package includes TWO trays.

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Product Instructions:

1. Pour milk or food directly into trays just below the “fill line” – Do not overfill (milk will expand as it freezes).
2. Cover trays with lid and place in freezer, milk will be frozen in 3-4 hours.
3. After removing frozen trays, wait approx. 30-45 seconds before flexing to remove your milk sticks. For a demonstration, please click here. 
4. To remove sticks, hold tray at both ends and begin flexing back and forth several times. As the sticks begin separating it will become easier to flex the tray.
5. Place sticks into a storage unit of choice (if ziploc, quart size recommended) and place back in freezer for future use.