Safe Milk Sharing

Human milk sharing is something that has occurred throughout history in a variety of different ways. Today, Milk Banks do the leg work to ensure safety however the cost is prohibitive for many people. Below is some information about how you can safeguard the milksharing if you decide to obtain milk from another human source:

These are the safety pillars of human milk sharing:

  • Informed Choice:
    • Understanding the options, including the risks and benefits, of all infant and child feeding methods
    • Know thy source
  • Donor Screening  
    • Donor self-exclusion for, or declaration of, medical and social concerns
    • Communication about lifestyle and habits
    • Screening for HIV I and II, HTLV I and II, HBV, HCV, Syphilis, and Rubella
  • Safe handling
    • Inspecting and keeping skin, hands, and equipment clean
    • Properly handling, storing, transporting, and shipping breastmilk
  • Home pasteurization  
    • Heat treating milk to address infectious pathogens
    • Informed choice of raw milk when donor criteria are met

Source: Eats on Feets

The 4 Pillars of Safe Milksharing