Our signature services for adults experiencing health challenges such as chronic pain, pelvic pain, digestive issues, recovering from an injury, trauma, autoimmune disease, metabolic condition or other issue (see full list here). We provide a comprehensive approach to working with you in your healing process including a focus in the following areas: Functional Nutrition, Metabolic Support, Detoxification Support, Movement & Somatics, Stress Management, Lifestyle Change & other Specialized Support. Learn more here. For lactating adults & new parents, check out our Whole Family & Whole Mama services.

Our signature services for the whole family includes Wellness & Meal Planning, Cooking Classes, Coaching & Mentoring and Parent & Family Education on wellness, child development, parenting & more. We are able to support a range of familial needs in the immediate & extended family network including those with multiple children, joint family households, and children with special needs. Learn more here.

Our signature services for those anywhere on their parenthood or matrescence journey: pre-conception, pregnancy, birth, & postpartum include Full Spectrum Doula Services, Holistic Lactation Consults, Holistic Health Consults, Birthing & Parenting Classes, Fertility Coaching & Programs and more. We offer services individually as needed or packages of services for those who want more support. Learn more here.

Our signature Whole Teen services include Holistic Health Consults, Life Coaching, Academic Coaching, Learning Support to teens ages 13+ & their families. Additional support is available in the form of education classes, educational consults, presentations, meeting facilitation & referrals depending on what’s needed. Teens in the pubescent transition have a range of often complex social emotional, academic and life stage needs & we are pleased to offer this unique range of services to match those needs. Learn more here.

Our signature services for children ages 2-12  with unique and special needs include Holistic Health Consults, Developmental Play Sessions, Supported Learning Sessions & other services rooted in child development & biopsychosocial foundations such as parent education classes, educational consults, presentations, meeting facilitation & referrals. Learn more here.

We specialize in infant feeding, nutrition & development whether your baby is breastfed, formula fed or eating solids. We help support your baby’s development through a range of services including postpartum doula services, holistic lactation consults, feeding & nutrition consults, developmental play sessions, & parent education classes. We also offer early prevention services for babies under 2 years of age displaying signs of developmental delays, behavioral or other issues. Learn more here.


Functional Nutrition

We take into consideration all aspects of your health in our systems approach to nutrition. We provide in-depth and comprehensive nutritional support and education including detailed nutritional recommendations, meal plans & recipes.


Metabolic Support

We don’t believe in a one-size fits all approach to your body, particularly when it comes to food and metabolic needs. Everyone has unique dietary and metabolic needs. Rather than providing you cookie cutter recommendations, we support bio-individuality for improved digestion, satiation, energy production & overall metabolic function.


Detoxification Support

Digestion & detoxification are two of the biggest pathways of health in the body. We create highly effective protocols for improved detoxification when needed, including for those with MTHF or ASD who may struggle with detoxification.


Movement & Somatics

We believe the body has a profound self-healing capacity and that movement & somatic work are critical to tapping into this capacity. Just as sound, breath & movement are vital for optimal functioning, so are somatics. Somatics refers to the experience of wholeness & interconnectedness in one’s lived experience by staying connected to one’s inner experience & sense of perception with their body, psyche & spirit.  Somatics & dynamic, free movement is important particularly for supporting improved functional movement.

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Stress Management

Stress is a major contributor to health issues and optimal functioning. The number of stressors in your life are often greater than the number of tools you may have to manage that stress. We provide clients with an array of well-researched stress management tools to restore the brain & body on a day to day basis. While stress is inevitable, unfortunately proper stress management is not.

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Lifestyle Change

We provide support to help you make the lifestyle changes you desire – whether it’s changing your diet or work habits. We all get stuck in default tendencies that aren’t working for us yet we’re caught in a cycle in which we stay the course.  Making necessary changes are hard to do on your own. We are skilled in helping you make those much needed changes to restore you to your optimal self at best.

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Energy Healing

Just as the human body contains a series of organs, glands and structures that work together as a system – the human energy body is the same, and it runs parallel to our physical & emotional lives. Therefore, what manifests physically or emotionally often has a root cause in the energetic system. When worked with skillfully, energetic shifts can bring about deeper changes that are needed. This is particularly helpful as many people have hit a limit – they’ve tried everything in trying to resolve their issues and they’re not getting to the other side of it. Energy work can help us readily resolve such issues. We provide a range of skillful techniques to help clients through their healing process.


Specialized Support

For children, teens and those with special needs we offer an additional range of specialized  support to individuals, families, organizations & communities so that they can optimize their potential. This includes Early Intervention Support, Developmental Play, Supported Learning Services, Family Consultations & more.

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We offer a range of services and programs to optimize human potential so that individuals, families, schools, organizations & communities can fully thrive. Our approach is rooted in neuroscience & biopsychosocial foundations. We work with the premise that our minds, bodies, hearts & souls are one interconnected system – when working with one, we are working with the whole. This paves the way for our clients to experience deep transformation at every level. Through over 18 years of training and research, time and time again we’ve observed how individuals experience a loss of health in one area that affects all other areas of their lives. Specifically, we’ve observed and know from clinical research that the brain & body connection is critical in restoring total health and function. We look for correlation & root causes rather than diagnoses & symptoms. As a result, we help clients find many more opportunities for healing. Our services & programs offer a full range of opportunities to diverse clientele, reflecting the best in Integrative, Functional & Holistic care available today.


Brain health is vital, our complete whole brain assessment will help identify targeted support you may need. Too often, brain dysfunction is normalized even though brain health is one of most important keys to living your fullest life.

All bodily systems are interconnected – often a dysfunction in one area is connected to another. We uncover & identify healing opportunities that may otherwise be overlooked through our comprehensive assessment process.

We work with the latest functional labs, backed by rigorous science & research. Testing may include blood, stool, urine, or saliva samples. Our motto is test rather than guess, and treat the whole person not the lab results.

Each client receives an initial consultation followed by a set of health coaching sessions to help them follow protocols designed specifically for them. Depending on the service, programs and packages may be available.

Our Integrative Wellness Team consists of our Founder, Clinical Advisors, Specialists and Fellows who work together to provide a range of services. Clients benefit from a cohesive rather than a fragmented experience as they receive the best in high quality Integrative, Functional & Holistic Care from our team.

Helping people build foundations of wellness in their lives is deeply gratifying. We enjoy educating clients and helping them keep their health in their own hands through increased awareness and education.


We work with individuals, families, children & teens who experience a range of issues, click here to read more. We specialize in pelvic health, brain health & digestive health.


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  • Authenticity
  • Diversity
  • Anti-Oppression
  • Safety




Hi, I’m Nina!


I’m the Founder of Whole Brain Whole Body and it’s my belief that we can  optimize our human potential in all areas of our life – at home, at work & beyond – through optimizing our health. It’s not enough to be pain or symptom-free. At Whole Brain Whole Body, I provide rare and much needed comprehensive services to individuals, families, organizations, children & teens. From brain-based wellness services to early childhood interventions, holistic lactation consults, fertility coaching, pelvic pain consults, autoimmune healing programs & much, much more, these services bridge critical gaps in alternative care. In the hyper-specialized and compartmentalized world we live in, I bring back a focus to the interconnectedness of the whole brain and whole body. I work alongside highly qualified professionals in an Integrative Wellness Team to help you put your health back in your own hands where it should be. Together we bring an integrative and holistic yet functional approach to healing.

I am the Founder of several initiatives, including Integrative Institutes and Centering Families to which Whole Brain, Whole Body is affiliated. My work is born out of a deep desire to re-imagine the human experience, and that includes re-imagining health, work, school, birth, parenthood & beyond.

I am a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, Certified Breastfeeding Counselor, Doula & Infant Feeding Specialist and Professional Energy Healer. I have a Master of Science in Education and bring 20 years of experience serving hundreds of individuals, families and organizations in a variety of capacities as an Educator, Consultant, Parent Coach, Mentor & more, including serving the New York City Department of Education for over 10 years as a Teacher & Educational Consultant. My multi-sectoral and multi-dimensional expertise brings together many areas of human development including: health & wellness, maternal & fetal health; adult & child development; teaching & learning; family systems; leadership, business & entrepreneurship; organization development; systems change; community development; personal and professional coaching, mentoring and consulting. You can read more about my areas of expertise here (click through the panel on the left of the page).

Personally, I’ve spent over 18 years on my own healing journey to resolve many of my own health challenges and throughout that process, I have trained professionally in the modalities that actually worked. I have successfully healed many health conditions I previously suffered from. You can read more about my story here.

I’ve since created healing protocols & practices for clients which reflect evidence-based best practices that have transformed my own life as well as the lives of others. All of these skills serve my clients well in their healing process.

As a result, I am uniquely positioned to provide a range of services to individuals, families, communities & organizations as I have honed a variety of skill sets to work with the foundations of human development across sectors, life stages, and roles. I am particularly driven to optimize human potential from the beginning of life through late adulthood – whether in the workplace, in the home or at school. My breadth and depth of expertise is sought after by companies and professionals in many fields.

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Ready to re-imagine  your health?

Racism is a public health crisis - and a human crisis - the world over. There are disparities when it comes to health outcomes due to racism (not race) because of...
I started Whole Brain, Whole Body because I firmly believe that greater access to alternative, holistic care is necessary and possible. Therefore, I remain continually committed to anti-racism and the Black community in all of my efforts - particularly in the following ways:

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